The main reason for wearing shoes while doing T-Tapp is to provide optimal support for the foot and so you don't sacrifice building core muscle density. There are differnet degrees of internal pronation in the knees of everyone, (think knees are in toward big toe) which in turn will cause pressure upon the arch of the foot. Eventually this can cause the arch of the foot to collapse and create the need for orthotics or having other foot problems such as bunions. (It is not recommended that you use your orthotics while you do your T-Tapp workout to give the muscles in your feet a chance to redevelop.)

Pushing your knee to little toe (KLT) redevelops muscles in the knees and strengthens the muscles of the foot in the arch. These metatarsal bones need all the help they can get in the beginning of T-Tapp with the support of a good cross training shoe. Personal choice of shoe is different for everyone. Teresa and the trainers like the Sketchers 2250 (white with red tab on tongue) for optimal arch support but some Nikes fit the foot well too. However, the design of a person's foot is quite individual with different degrees of arch, width, etc. Just make sure you wear some type of cross training shoe that will provide lateral support of the foot. 

Once you've been T-Tapping 6 months or more on a CONSISTENT basis you should be able to do Basic Plus without shoes. I highly suggest you have and do Barefoot Basic to learn the correct positioning of feet and toes not only barefoot, but witthin the shoe. Those Balance movements really need knees out and if those poor little metatarsal bones in the foot  and the knees don't have strength  for KLT we promise you your arches will fall. So do not be in a hurry to progress out of shoes and into barefoot, in fact Teresa and the trainers ALWAYS wear shoes for the standing workouts.

So when you do progress to the point of being able to workout without shoes remember to keep NBT (No Big Toe) and KLT with core curled to the max and you'll be fine.

As far as "which shoes" to wear while T-Tapping here are some things suggested by Teresa Tapp  Sketcher's Work are great shoes for anyone first starting T-Tapp because they help stabilize your ankle and allow lots of room for jazz toe activation…they also help prevent foot "roll over" when learning KLT

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 help people with bunions and the way they are designed automatically shifts your weight off the ball joint of your big toe…they allow full lift and jazz toe activation. ..the fabric creates suction around your heel and allows greater half point jazz toe and heel lift…all of which are part of more advanced level T-Tapp workouts also because the Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 force your body to activate more core! That's why the balance moves are more challenging BUT THAT's a GOOD thing! It will help you maximize core development which in turn will maximize metabolic processing!

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