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Hi, My name is Michelle Barbuto. I am a 51 year old mother of 6 wonderful children. I am the Pittsburgh Certified Master Trainer for T-Tapp, Mommy Fitness Trainer and I mentor the new trainers for Teresa Tapp.

I am a Registered Nurse formerly at a Physical Rehab Facility in the Pittsburgh area, that specializes in Parkinsons, Brain Injury, Strokes, Hip Fractures, and Amputees. I am currently a Home Health nurse working with the frail elderly.The relationship between being an RN and a Master Trainer/Mentor for T-Tapp allows me to guide my clients with ease and understanding.

My journey in life has been rocky and the path twisted, but I continue to focus on God and the path He has me on. After my seperation in 2008, I returned to college and obtained my degree in Nursing, took PA state Nursing boards in June of 2011 and have been working Full-time as an RN since then providing a loving home to my 6 children who reside with me

Our lives were forever changed on May 26, 2014 when my 4th child, 18 year old John, was involved in a motorcycle accident that took his precious life. I survived his death only by my faith and ability to exercise. I used T-Tapp and running as my form of therapy and medication. Some days were unbearable, but I came to realize the bad days were the days that I did not get my fitness in. 

It has and will continue to be my passion to help women through difficult times and to inpire them to become healthy and fit, and learn to love who they are and what they are capable of. 



My T-Tapp Journey
  • June/01 – Started T-Tapping during the last trimester of my Sixth Pregnancy
  • December/03 – Was accepted as a T-Tapp Trainer in Training
  • May/04 – Attended a workshop led by Teresa Tapp In NYC
  • October/04 – Certified to teach Total Workout and Hit the Floor workouts and attended the Safety Harbor weekend Retreat led by Teresa Tapp
  • August/05 – Approved to do long distance video coaching
  • October/05 – Certified for MORE workout, attended annual Safety Harbor Weekend Retreat led by Teresa Tapp
  • January/06 – Attended intensive T-Tapp Trainer Certifications in Tampa FL
  • January/06 – Asked to be one of the T-Tapp Mommy Fitness Trainers
  • January/06 – Received  Senior Trainer Status from Teresa Tapp
  • January/06 – Approved to be a Mentor by Teresa Tapp for the T-Tapp Trainers-in-Training
  • September/06 – Joined Teresa Tapp in Atlanta GA for Wellness Seminar and Workshop
  • October/06 – Attended annual Tampa T-Tapp weekend Retreat led by Teresa Tapp
  • November/06 – Attended intensive T-Tapp Certification weekend, certified for Lady Bug workout.
  • December/06 – Approved to teach T-Tapp YOU online course
  • January/07 – Attended Weekend Conference with Teresa Tapp in Saint Louis, Missouri
  • May/07 – Joined T-Tapp Staff as extended staff and customer support
  • September/07 – Joined Teresa Tapp in Buffalo NY for a wellness conference
  • October/07 – Attended the annual certification event in Safety Harbor FL as mentor to 5 Trainers-in-training
  • October/07 – Attended the Safety Harbor Weekend Retreat led by Teresa Tapp
  • February/08 – Attended weekend conference with Teresa in Atlanta GA
  • October/08 – Attended Annual Safety Harbor Weekend Retreat and certification event led by Teresa Tapp
  • October/09 – Attended Annual Safety Harbor Weekend Conference led by Teresa Tapp
  • December/10 – Attended Thyroid Seminar with Teresa Tapp and Mary Shoman
  • January/12 – Attended Beauty Bootcamp and Trainer certifications
  • October/12 Attended Annual Safety Harbor certification event
  • August 2014 – Attended the Annual Safety Harbor Retreat and Trainer Certification


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