If, say, 20 years ago someone would have told me that I would be where I am today, or that I would have had to face what I had to face,  (and lived to tell about it) I definitely would not have believed them. I was a shy, sheltered housewife raising 6 kids and living in a situation that kept me unhappy and depressed, I couldn’t see a way out. I think the only thing I had going for me is my faith.

My life has taken so many turns, including a separation in 2008, return to college in 2009, 2011 saw my graduation from college, passing state boards, starting a full-time job outside of the home and divorce finalization; 2014 was my darkest year in the loss of my sweet son John… The whole following year is a blur, not many memories, a new job in 2015 (that I love) and marriage in 2017 to a wonderful man. 


It is on track to say; you really don’t know how strong you are until you are faced with a situation that you didn’t expect. Strength comes from the inside, a conscious decision to face each day with a passion, fire and determination… not only to live, but to be happy while living. Now I admit, not everyday is happy for me, my emotions are as inconsistent as a wave in the ocean. I never know how hard they will come crashing down, how I will react or how I will get through a circumstance.  I do know that a loving family and support system in my friends surround me. I know that I can make the choice on how my day starts or ends. I can choose to wallow in self-pity or live a life my son would be proud of me for. I have children who watch my steps and look to me for reassurance. In a world that is uncertain, the one positive I have, is I am in control of what I do, think, feel, eat or say.


Happiness can be elusive. The choice is yours, if you are unhappy, do something to fix that. You aren’t meant to be here and be unhappy. If it is your weight, you control what you eat or actively do, change it and make yourself proud. If it is your job, there are plenty more out there, find a new one.  Surround yourself with a support system that will cheer you on to your goals, do not let anyone sabotage your success. Most importantly you have to realize NO ONE can make you happy, happiness has to come from within. Learn to stop and find the beauty in a situation, place or person.  


I have found that one of the hardest things to do is love ourselves. Learning to love and appreciate what a beautiful person you are will set you up for success. Take the time each morning to compliment yourself on a feature, an action, achieving a goal, etc…Once you learn to love yourself and know you are worth loving, then you can offer it to others. At least this is from my perspective and what I have encountered in my lifetime. In time of need, let others love you, it is there, I guarantee it. Be open to seeing the beauty in life and in others. God leads people into your life for a reason, appreciate it for a lesson or for a lifetime.


I am thankful for the strength I have found buried in me and for learning to love myself. This has enabled me to directly or indirectly encourage or inspire others.  I never imagined I would be where I am today as a RN, working full-time; a personal trainer, a health and wellness coach, an author, a speaker, a grieving mother. So many emotions… but the best of all is love and in that I find happiness. 

Get Fit


Taking the steps necessary to transform your body can be simple, you don’t need to make a long complicated list of challenges that you will likely give up on. 

It takes time, determination, and consistency to get fit and stay fit.  This process starts with changing your habits.

Here is a simple list of things you can start today to change your body (and mind).

  1. Stop waiting for motivation – stop sitting on the couch and making excuses. If you do this, the inspiration will never strike. Get up now and do it, the inspiration will come.
  2. Focus on Now – But keep your eye on your goal (the prize!) – No matter what is the end result (a wedding, a vacation or a class reunion) Focus on what you can do today to get you to your goal and use it as motivation.
  3. Pay attention to your surroundings – Take a look around you, are you surrounding yourself with others who do not share in your quest for health or fitness? Are you putting yourself in situations where there are to many temptations? If you answered yes… then perhaps it is time for a change of scenery.
  4. Practice Self Love – Staying positive and finding what you love about yourself is so important in your body transformation. It is mind over matter, focus on all of the positive qualities that you have and every time you look in the mirror, tell yourself about how wonderful you are. You are worth it!
  5. Exercise is NOT Work – View them as a fun time to enjoy your body and what it can do. The more you enjoy your workouts, the more likely you will continue them,  get fit and stay fit for good.
  6. Don’t Over Eat – be mindful when you are eating. You do not have to finish everything on your plate, stop and enjoy each bite, but stop eating when you start to feel full. Overeating is a sure fire way to backfire your efforts to good health.
  7. Stay Hydrated – Yes! With good clean water. Did you know being dehydrated causes your body to release stress hormones (which in turn hold on to the weight) For goodness sake, drink your water! A good rule of thumb is first thing in the morning and before each meal drink a full 8 oz glass of water. I bet you see a difference quickly!
  8. Eat Clean – cook from scratch without any processed ingredients. The more simple you keep it, the better you will feel.
  9. Do What You Are Able To Do – Do not advance a workout or increase a weight because you feel like you should. Stick with what you are doing and gradually increase, to avoid an injury or set-back.
  10.  Variety is the Spice of Life – Your body is built to adapt to things. Mix it up by changing your routine to help you get fit and stay fit. (the bonus is it will prevent boredom too!)
  11. Work out in the Morning – Not only will you wake op faster but this will keep your conscious about the decisions that you are going to make that day.
  12.  Stop eating in Front of the TV – this usually leads to weight gain as unhealthy snacks are chosen, or the eating is not mindful.  Have prepared snacks ready to go if you must eat while watching your favorite program.
  13.  Keep a journal – I am not talking about every calorie you eat, rather focus on your eating patterns and see what needs worked on. You can also track your workout to note progress as you go.
  14.  Get your ZZZZZ’s – Your body can only do so much if not properly rested – so be sure to get 7 – 9 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep is another way to increase the stress hormones your body produces…
  15. Include a Protein and Vegetable with your Meals – Pay attention to the amount of protein you get with every meal, combined with vegetables you will be more satisfied during the day.
  16. Watch your Portion Size – Know what will satisfy you and do not any one else dictate your portion size. If you eat out be prepared to take a box of left overs home for another meal. If your partner/friend is bigger than you, they need more to nourish them, do not try to eat what they eat.
  17.  Indulge Away – But focus on every bite while you do, life is to short not ot enjoy everything, this includes food. So appreciate it, but limit your indulgences.
  18. Appreciate the Ups and Downs – they are going to be there. Sometimes the scale or tape measure can fluctuate. Some days you won’t feel like exercising, it’s all ok, just don’t give up.
  19. You aren’t Alone – Even the healthiest people have to strive to maintain, you aren’t the only one. I’ll be there every step of the way to help you on your journey, even if you fall off of the wagon.
  20.  Learn to Celebrate – I tell people to set aside a $1 or $2 for each workout that you get in. When you hit a mini-milestone then it is time to use that to celebrate. You earned it.
  21. Inspire Others – Children, friends, family, co-workers are all looking up to you. Inspire them to live their best life also.
  22.  Be Inspired – Don’t let others success stores make you jealous, don’t think this can’t be you. Instead of being negative let these stories inspire you. You can do it too!
  23. Knowledge is Key – In today’s day and age you will find whatever you need to learn, and we never stop learning as we age. There are many secrets out there that you can learn about health and wellness. If someone offers advice, take it. You will be surprised by how much that you can learn.
  24. You are the Priority! – You need to be at your best to be able to help take care of those around you. Learn to focus on yourself first without feeling selfish. Those who care about you will understand.
  25. Be Accountable for Your Decisions – You are the one who make the conscious choice to stay consistent. No one can make the change but you.


Let me Help you to transform your body and live the best life possible. I've been in the Health, Wellness and Fitness World for over 30 years! I look forward to working with you to make your world the healthiest yet. 

Being FIT mentally, physically and spiritually is the key. Lack of knowing how holds so many people back from achieving their goals. 



Combining Methods


I have been using the FasciaBlaster, Dry Skin Brushing and T-Tapp for quite a while now. I wanted to give some pointers to specific questions asked on combining the 3 methods. First I want to explain a little bit about the fascial layer in our bodies. 

Our fascia is the web of connective tissue under the skin that wraps around every muscle and organ and literally connects everything in our bodies together. It’s also one of the biggest stores of water in the body! (so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!)

Fascial restrictions can exert excessive pressure causing all kinds of symptoms producing pain, headaches or restriction of motion. I have found using T-Tapp method of fitness, Dry Skin Brushing and FasciaBlasting are optimal for my health and fascia. Combing the 3 methodolgies will allow for proper blood flow and move inflammation out. I will help give you some guidance on combing the 3 to optimize your journey to health. 


Here are some of the questions (and answers) I have been asked:

Is a set of hoedowns enough to warm you up for a blast before a full T-Tapp work out? No. You could do Hoedowns AFTER you blast would be a good move to activate the muscle, supply blood to the area, and pump out “the junk”.

What's the difference between the FasciaBlaster and the CRT Brushing? Dry Skin brushing works the superficial fascia, fascia blaster works the deeper layers of fascia. Both are a great combo and addition to T-Tapp.

Where did you get you fasciablaster? Click Here

Where do you get the Dry Skin Brush? I get mine from the T-Tapp Webstore, but any natural bristle brush will do. 

Where do I find the T-Tapp Workouts? You can get the instructional T-Tapp Workouts HERE or for digital workouts CLICK HERE

Which one to start with? If you are brand new to any of the 3 (or all of the 3) then that is a matter of choice. Find consistency in whichever you choose and build from there.

If you are currently doing the T-Tapp, Dry Skin Brushing and FasciaBlasting, then FB (after you get heated) to open the Fascia followed by your T-Tapp workout of choice flush the blood back into the area.

Is there one place to go for FasciaBlasting tutorials from those that know? I suggest Ashley Black’s Blog or Youtube videos 

Any medical restriction? If you are seeing your physician for any pre-existing medical condition, then I advise you to get medical approval before beginning any new exercise, Skin Brushing or FasciaBlasting. If you are on a blood thinner, then it is not advised to use the FasciaBlaster.  Check out THIS video on contraindications too. 

I have a bruise that is lingering – This could mean that you are FB to hard or to often. Please give the area a minimum of 72 hours to rest and get rid of inflammation. I do continue to dry skin brush and exercise as normal.

How hot do I need to be before I FasciaBlast? Great video here

What about the bruising after I fasciablast? Check this out! 

What Oil do you use to FasciaBlast? Personally I am currently using the T-Tapp Blow Your Buns OIl

Tell me more about Dry Skin BrushingCheck this out.

Here are some ways to combine the 3 methods:

Option A

  1. Morning – Dry Skin Brush Before you shower (Showering after you skin brush will remove the layer of dead skin cells, brushing in the morning is optimal as your body is going through a natural detox)
  2. Afternoon/evening – Fascia blast before/after you workout (If you FB before you workout then you must heat your body up first)

Option B

  1. Morning (Or on rest day from T-Tapp)  – PBS then Dry Brush before you shower, Fascia Blast in the shower. (If it is a T-Tapp "rest day" then you are done for the day!)
  2. T-Tapp workout of choice – afternoon or evening

Option C

  1. Anytime of day – Dry skin brush, 15 minute Poster Power walk (or T-Tapp workout of choice to heat up) then Fasciablast followed by PBS and HD


Supplements to consider:

Alfalfa – helps decrease inflammation – I use T-Tapp's Premium Blend Alfalfa, this is far superior to other brands. 

Vitamin C – increase collegen 

Vit D – absorption nerve impulses – I get mine here 

Magnesium –  soft tissue repair and bone growth – Such as Mag Oil to use in foot baths

B vitamins (B12)  – support the adrenal system and relieve stress – Such as T-Tapp B12 Blend


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What is fascia?


Fascia Fitness – What’s the BUZZ?

We’ve all heard the new buzz word “Fascia Fitness” but what really is fascia and how does it affect our well being?

What is Fascia?

      Fascia is a very thin layer of fibrous tissue, just under the skin (it lies between the skin    and muscle) that wraps around the entire body, around each muscle and holds everything in place, including our organs  (the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord) muscles, tendons, ligaments, attachments of the joints and our posture. Fascia connects and separates things in the body. Fascia plays an important role in the support and function of our bodies, since it surrounds and attaches to all structures. Fascia helps create the shape of our bodies and changes form based on our movement, actions and patterns.  Healthy fascia is thin, smooth, hydrated and resilient, unhealthy fascia is thick and holds toxins and stress. Fascia is the largest and richest sensory organ in our bodies, which makes it essential for maintaining alignment, vitality and function.

Fascial restrictions can cause many kinds of symptoms producing pain, headaches or restriction of motion (i.e. Frozen shoulder), they affect our flexibility and stability, and are a prime factor in our ability to withstand stress and perform many daily activities.

Joint health, organ health, fluid movement and injury-free sports are all dependent upon a healthy integrated fascial system. Working the fascia relaxes tense muscles, toxins, inflammation, thickness, stiffness and density; transforming your body from the inside out. As you work your fascia, stored up toxins will be released, removing bulk and density from your muscles and clearing the way for nice, lean muscle mass. You can feel more connected to your body, because you are waking up NK connections to your stabilizing muscles (the core, inner thighs, triceps and obliques). Working the fascia combats the effects of aging too by decreasing stress, releasing tension, and smoothing out scar tissue/adhesions to move more freely. You can build long, lean and equally strong muscles, while decreasing stress and calming the nervous system.

With Fascia Fitness you can have:

  • Increased range of motion
  • Improved quality of breath
  • Improved immune function
  • Improved hydration levels
  • Less pain & tension
  • More permanent changes in connective tissue which provide lengthier pain relief and structural integrity

Work smarter, not harder with the following T-Tapp DVD’s that focus on fascia fitness:

Senior Fit – Senior Fit is NOT just for Seniors!  Teresa Tapp created this special Brain-Body Fitness Workout to help everyone maximize muscle activation, circulation and lymphatic health, regardless of age. Every exercise of mindful movement within Senior Fit is designed to improve strength, flexibility and heart health, as well as increase energy and decrease inflammation.  Its special sequence of mindful movements combined with leverage isometrics will help your body rebuild from the inside out, improve posture and build better balance. CLICK HERE

Healthy Hormones for Menopause Management – This DVD contains two workouts – one with instruction and one without.   Its special sequence of mindful movement using T-Tapp muscle activation techniques can help your body increase energy, decrease inflammation, improve metabolic and lymphatic function, as well as thyroid and adrenal health.  More information and pictures of this workout are featured in the book, The Menopause Thyroid Solution, written by Mary Shomon (pages 235 – 266).

If you're one of the forty million American women struggling through menopause or have post partum hormonal issues, you probably already know all about the symptoms of fatigue, weight gain and depression. T-Tapp's Method of mindful movement, as taught in this workout, can help you improve your metabolism and increase your energy to help offset the drop in reproductive hormones that can frequently trigger a thyroid slowdown.  Mary Shomon further explains how "thyropause" can often be the main cause for those troublesome symptoms. So whether you are a teenager, post pregnancy or in menopause, her book and this workout are fantastic tools to help you take the first step to rebuilding better balance, fitness and function the rest of your life. 

This DVD can be used to get started with T-Tapp or to teach you the tweaks in form you need to achieve more hormonal balanced.  Instructional workout is 41 minute and the full workout is 27 minutes. CLICK HERE

Brain-Body Fitness Turn Back Time (61 minute workout:  36 minutes standing/25 minutes floor) is a new advanced T-Tapp Variety Workout DVD.  This workout is a great full body workout, recommended for anyone who both owns and is familiar with a  T-Tapp Starter System and other T-Tapp floor routines.  This workout is designed as a full T-Tapp Workout to be done alternately with a T-Tapp workout in an every other day schedule or by itself (once a week) on an off day.  This workout features movements that will help to balance muscle imbalance while utilizing the floor and gravitational pull to keep your body in alignment as you stretch, lengthen and debulk your muscles from your waist to your knee. 

This recently filmed DVD features two workouts.  The Standing Workout is similar to the T-Tapp Total Workout but features new tweaks from Senior Fit Workout and T-Tapp More – Level 2 to help maximize muscle activation and not allow your body to take path of least resistance. The Floor Workout is similar to Critter Crunch 2, Brain-Body Fitness Floor and Brain-Body Fitness Core Floor but with additional tweaks as featured in Hit the Floor Tempo.  Each workout is effective alone but packs extra power when done back to back.  Discover the difference how full fiber activation of multiple muscles and leverage isometrics in a special sequence for lymphatic function and fascia fitness can make… inside and out!  CLICK HERE

Brain Body Fitness FloorBrain-Body Fitness Floor is a new T-Tapp Variety Workout DVD that features 3 new sequences with all the new muscle activation tips on the floor.  This workout is a great introductory floor workout and can be done by anyone who owns a T-Tapp Starter System.  These workouts are designed to fit into an every other day schedule.  Sequence 1 can be done after a full T-Tapp Workout or on it's own.  Sequence 2 and 3 can be done on off days to add additional benefits to those looking to utilize the T-Tapp Method's added health benefits in their day-to-day lifestyle.   CLICK HERE

  • Sequence 1 (30 minutes) – This workout features a comprehensive sequence of stretches and spot reduction movements that trim your rib to knee with the T-Tapp Method of muscle activation. 

  • Sequence 2 (20 minutes) – This warm up is great to do on off days! You can use it to get your body in alignment, eliminate excess inflammation, reduce water retention in your legs and boost your lymphatic cycle.  

  • Sequence 3 (20 minutes) – This sequence starts standing and ends on the floor and was developed to lengthen the muscles in the hips, butt and thighs to debulk the backside and loosen up tight hip flexors.  

Brain-Body Fitness Core Floor (50 minutes) is a new advanced T-Tapp Variety Workout DVD.  This workout is a great full body workout, recommended for anyone who both owns and is familiar with a  T-Tapp Starter System and other T-Tapp floor routines.  This workout is designed as a full T-Tapp Workout to be done alternately with a T-Tapp workout in an every other day schedule or by itself (once a week) on an off day.  This workout features movements that will help to balance muscle imbalance while utilizing the floor and gravitational pull to keep your body in alignment as you stretch, lengthen and debulk your muscles from your waist to your knee.  CLICK HERE



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