Forward Head Posture and T-Tapp


   The most common postural problem in society today is forward head posture. We live in a world where repetitious use of computers, television, video games and even carrying backpacks, which in return has forced the body to adapt with a forward head posture. Forward head posture has been linked to many neck and upper back conditions. This posture also closes down lymphatic drainage in the neck and will cause more strain on the posterior neck muscles. T-Tapp is designed to reverse this common body posture. 
     The weight of a typical head is almost 10 pounds. The head should be centered over the shoulders. For every inch the head is forward, the compressive forces on the lower neck increase by the additional weight of the entire head. This means one inch forward head translation equals 20 
pounds head weight, two inches equals’ 30 pounds head weight, and so on. Just try this yourself by holding a weight close to your body and then holding it out in front of you. The weight feels heavier depending on how far away it is from your body.
     With T-Tapp you are realigning the head and postural muscles to decrease the amount of pressure on the cervical spine, and helping to open the thoracic area and the lymphatic drainage. Forward head posture can rob you of:


  • normal range of motion
  • of muscle strength
  • of natural neck protection
  • of long joint life
  • of vital lung capacity
  • of the emotional and healthy vitality we should expect into our later

Monitoring your posture is the most important step to prevention and should be a life long habit.

Here are some tips on how to use T-Tapp techniques to correct this common posture problem:


  • Ears need to be aligned over your shoulders and hips, while keeping the chin from jutting forward; this neutral position distributes the weight of your head throughout your spine. Keep that chin back, too. Strive to do this all the time; walking, driving, standing or sitting at the computer
  • Curl your core, lift the ribs (your shoulders will naturally lower and level, check it in a mirror)  Your upper back should be relatively flat (not curved forward), and your chest is curved outward (not flat or sunken in between your shoulders).
  • Lift ribs (think breastbone to ceiling) and tighten the lats to keep the body from tilting forward. 
  • On all flatback moves, keep the ears in line with the shoulders, do not let the head hang towards the floor, this puts pressure on the posterior neck muscles. 
  • Shift the weight into the heels before each movements so that the ears, shoulders, hips and ankles are all in one line. 


Focus on the good in your life


How easy it is some days to sit and worry about all the bad things that have happened to us, the stress we create, the things we do not have, the things we cannot do and so on. It is a vicious circle of "Poor me". What does it take for you to focus on the happiness in yourself and in your life?

Focus On Good

The time is now to crack the door open and walk through it. Look at what is in your life RIGHT NOW. Look at who you spend your days & your evenings with. Look at all the things you are blessed with everyday that so many others do not have and would give the world to be part of.

I need to tell myself some days to "Start living your life". I do. If you are never happy with what you have at this moment and are always waiting til you have "more money, more time, less stress, you are in better shape, for the right time" you have a good chance of remaining stuck. Yes…for a good long time.

You have more good in your life RIGHT NOW than Heinz has pickles. Open up and be aware of it. Savor. Every. Single. Moment…

Who is MY Mentor?


Here I am, a mentor, teaching the up and coming new “trainers-in-training” how to teach the T-Tapp method of fitness. But who is MY Mentor? I think as we live day to day, we are always learning, hungering for knowledge. I frequently encourage my clients to use the instructionals once a month. We as trainers do this too. First and foremost it is the T-Tapp instructionals that I use, then I will use outside fitness sources to gain a better understanding of the “how’s” and “why’s” of the body. For me it is my Role as an RN in a Rehabilitaional Facility. I am always questioning physical therapists about different muscle movements and dynamics, how to activate and rehab through an injury. I also learn from YOU my clients, you ask a question, I find the answer. Learning is something that should never stop in life. We should always thirst for knowledge and find the answer. Strive to take a little piece of good from everyone. Learn well.



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