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I have been using the FasciaBlaster, Dry Skin Brushing and T-Tapp for quite a while now. I wanted to give some pointers to specific questions asked on combining the 3 methods. First I want to explain a little bit about the fascial layer in our bodies. 

Our fascia is the web of connective tissue under the skin that wraps around every muscle and organ and literally connects everything in our bodies together. It’s also one of the biggest stores of water in the body! (so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!)

Fascial restrictions can exert excessive pressure causing all kinds of symptoms producing pain, headaches or restriction of motion. I have found using T-Tapp method of fitness, Dry Skin Brushing and FasciaBlasting are optimal for my health and fascia. Combing the 3 methodolgies will allow for proper blood flow and move inflammation out. I will help give you some guidance on combing the 3 to optimize your journey to health. 


Here are some of the questions (and answers) I have been asked:

Is a set of hoedowns enough to warm you up for a blast before a full T-Tapp work out? No. You could do Hoedowns AFTER you blast would be a good move to activate the muscle, supply blood to the area, and pump out “the junk”.

What's the difference between the FasciaBlaster and the CRT Brushing? Dry Skin brushing works the superficial fascia, fascia blaster works the deeper layers of fascia. Both are a great combo and addition to T-Tapp.

Where did you get you fasciablaster? Click Here

Where do you get the Dry Skin Brush? I get mine from the T-Tapp Webstore, but any natural bristle brush will do. 

Where do I find the T-Tapp Workouts? You can get the instructional T-Tapp Workouts HERE or for digital workouts CLICK HERE

Which one to start with? If you are brand new to any of the 3 (or all of the 3) then that is a matter of choice. Find consistency in whichever you choose and build from there.

If you are currently doing the T-Tapp, Dry Skin Brushing and FasciaBlasting, then FB (after you get heated) to open the Fascia followed by your T-Tapp workout of choice flush the blood back into the area.

Is there one place to go for FasciaBlasting tutorials from those that know? I suggest Ashley Black’s Blog or Youtube videos 

Any medical restriction? If you are seeing your physician for any pre-existing medical condition, then I advise you to get medical approval before beginning any new exercise, Skin Brushing or FasciaBlasting. If you are on a blood thinner, then it is not advised to use the FasciaBlaster.  Check out THIS video on contraindications too. 

I have a bruise that is lingering – This could mean that you are FB to hard or to often. Please give the area a minimum of 72 hours to rest and get rid of inflammation. I do continue to dry skin brush and exercise as normal.

How hot do I need to be before I FasciaBlast? Great video here

What about the bruising after I fasciablast? Check this out! 

What Oil do you use to FasciaBlast? Personally I am currently using the T-Tapp Blow Your Buns OIl

Tell me more about Dry Skin BrushingCheck this out.

Here are some ways to combine the 3 methods:

Option A

  1. Morning – Dry Skin Brush Before you shower (Showering after you skin brush will remove the layer of dead skin cells, brushing in the morning is optimal as your body is going through a natural detox)
  2. Afternoon/evening – Fascia blast before/after you workout (If you FB before you workout then you must heat your body up first)

Option B

  1. Morning (Or on rest day from T-Tapp)  – PBS then Dry Brush before you shower, Fascia Blast in the shower. (If it is a T-Tapp "rest day" then you are done for the day!)
  2. T-Tapp workout of choice – afternoon or evening

Option C

  1. Anytime of day – Dry skin brush, 15 minute Poster Power walk (or T-Tapp workout of choice to heat up) then Fasciablast followed by PBS and HD


Supplements to consider:

Alfalfa – helps decrease inflammation – I use T-Tapp's Premium Blend Alfalfa, this is far superior to other brands. 

Vitamin C – increase collegen 

Vit D – absorption nerve impulses – I get mine here 

Magnesium –  soft tissue repair and bone growth – Such as Mag Oil to use in foot baths

B vitamins (B12)  – support the adrenal system and relieve stress – Such as T-Tapp B12 Blend


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