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Taking the steps necessary to transform your body can be simple, you don’t need to make a long complicated list of challenges that you will likely give up on. 

It takes time, determination, and consistency to get fit and stay fit.  This process starts with changing your habits.

Here is a simple list of things you can start today to change your body (and mind).

  1. Stop waiting for motivation – stop sitting on the couch and making excuses. If you do this, the inspiration will never strike. Get up now and do it, the inspiration will come.
  2. Focus on Now – But keep your eye on your goal (the prize!) – No matter what is the end result (a wedding, a vacation or a class reunion) Focus on what you can do today to get you to your goal and use it as motivation.
  3. Pay attention to your surroundings – Take a look around you, are you surrounding yourself with others who do not share in your quest for health or fitness? Are you putting yourself in situations where there are to many temptations? If you answered yes… then perhaps it is time for a change of scenery.
  4. Practice Self Love – Staying positive and finding what you love about yourself is so important in your body transformation. It is mind over matter, focus on all of the positive qualities that you have and every time you look in the mirror, tell yourself about how wonderful you are. You are worth it!
  5. Exercise is NOT Work – View them as a fun time to enjoy your body and what it can do. The more you enjoy your workouts, the more likely you will continue them,  get fit and stay fit for good.
  6. Don’t Over Eat – be mindful when you are eating. You do not have to finish everything on your plate, stop and enjoy each bite, but stop eating when you start to feel full. Overeating is a sure fire way to backfire your efforts to good health.
  7. Stay Hydrated – Yes! With good clean water. Did you know being dehydrated causes your body to release stress hormones (which in turn hold on to the weight) For goodness sake, drink your water! A good rule of thumb is first thing in the morning and before each meal drink a full 8 oz glass of water. I bet you see a difference quickly!
  8. Eat Clean – cook from scratch without any processed ingredients. The more simple you keep it, the better you will feel.
  9. Do What You Are Able To Do – Do not advance a workout or increase a weight because you feel like you should. Stick with what you are doing and gradually increase, to avoid an injury or set-back.
  10.  Variety is the Spice of Life – Your body is built to adapt to things. Mix it up by changing your routine to help you get fit and stay fit. (the bonus is it will prevent boredom too!)
  11. Work out in the Morning – Not only will you wake op faster but this will keep your conscious about the decisions that you are going to make that day.
  12.  Stop eating in Front of the TV – this usually leads to weight gain as unhealthy snacks are chosen, or the eating is not mindful.  Have prepared snacks ready to go if you must eat while watching your favorite program.
  13.  Keep a journal – I am not talking about every calorie you eat, rather focus on your eating patterns and see what needs worked on. You can also track your workout to note progress as you go.
  14.  Get your ZZZZZ’s – Your body can only do so much if not properly rested – so be sure to get 7 – 9 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep is another way to increase the stress hormones your body produces…
  15. Include a Protein and Vegetable with your Meals – Pay attention to the amount of protein you get with every meal, combined with vegetables you will be more satisfied during the day.
  16. Watch your Portion Size – Know what will satisfy you and do not any one else dictate your portion size. If you eat out be prepared to take a box of left overs home for another meal. If your partner/friend is bigger than you, they need more to nourish them, do not try to eat what they eat.
  17.  Indulge Away – But focus on every bite while you do, life is to short not ot enjoy everything, this includes food. So appreciate it, but limit your indulgences.
  18. Appreciate the Ups and Downs – they are going to be there. Sometimes the scale or tape measure can fluctuate. Some days you won’t feel like exercising, it’s all ok, just don’t give up.
  19. You aren’t Alone – Even the healthiest people have to strive to maintain, you aren’t the only one. I’ll be there every step of the way to help you on your journey, even if you fall off of the wagon.
  20.  Learn to Celebrate – I tell people to set aside a $1 or $2 for each workout that you get in. When you hit a mini-milestone then it is time to use that to celebrate. You earned it.
  21. Inspire Others – Children, friends, family, co-workers are all looking up to you. Inspire them to live their best life also.
  22.  Be Inspired – Don’t let others success stores make you jealous, don’t think this can’t be you. Instead of being negative let these stories inspire you. You can do it too!
  23. Knowledge is Key – In today’s day and age you will find whatever you need to learn, and we never stop learning as we age. There are many secrets out there that you can learn about health and wellness. If someone offers advice, take it. You will be surprised by how much that you can learn.
  24. You are the Priority! – You need to be at your best to be able to help take care of those around you. Learn to focus on yourself first without feeling selfish. Those who care about you will understand.
  25. Be Accountable for Your Decisions – You are the one who make the conscious choice to stay consistent. No one can make the change but you.


Let me Help you to transform your body and live the best life possible. I've been in the Health, Wellness and Fitness World for over 30 years! I look forward to working with you to make your world the healthiest yet. 

Being FIT mentally, physically and spiritually is the key. Lack of knowing how holds so many people back from achieving their goals. 



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