What is Virtual Training? By Michelle Barbuto RN

So you may be asking yourself, what is virtual training and how can it benefit me? Well, let me tell you my story.


Before and After


I am a single mom of 6 children, I was never very active in High School, and really didn't have much problem with my weight until I started having children. I was in an emotionally abusive marriage, and turned to comfort foods and emotional eating to satisfy my needs. My weight soared with each child. I found at home fitness DVD's to be my salvation from my depression. In 2001 I learned of a program called T-Tapp, which is cardio, strength and flexibility in one workout WITHOUT any equipment, it simply uses your body as the machine. With T-Tapp I was able to redefine my body and get down to my lowest size of a 6/8. (Now mind you my BMI still says I am over weight, but we all know that doesn't account for the lean muscle mass I have gotten through T-Tapp.

In 2004, I flew to FL and certified to become a trainer in front of the creator Teresa Tapp. Since then I have guided oh so many clients on their journey to wellness.  I have been an online personal trainer for over eight years, and mentoring the newest T-Tapp Trainers from Greece, Canada, and across the US  and I have trained many types of clients in over 12 different countries, both male and female; the unhealthy with more to lose looking to really lessen body fat and tone up; the thin gals looking to create muscle; the young and old.  I have trained marathoner runners, obstacle course participants, competitors and athletes, people with Rehab needs or injuries, and those who are sedentary and needing encouragement.  It has been a tremendous experience and I truly adore training my clients!

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I realized there are so many clients who need the instruction of a live trainer, and didn't have one near, so the virtual trainer helps to facilitate that. Virtual training is possible any where in the world, at your convenience and from the comfort of your own home. 

Join Master T-Tapp Trainer Michelle for Virtual Training!

1 SESSION – $55 (Regularly $75) – expires 1 month after purchase

2 SESSIONS – $100 ($50 Savings!) – expires 2 months after purchase

3 SESSIONS – $155 ($70 savings!) – expires 3 months after purchase

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Not sure how to make T-Tapp Work for you?

You have videos but not sure where to start or what to do? I can help! During the initial assessment I will find your target area, body type, time you have to exercise each day and create a schedule to suit your needs! If you are wanting more DVD's to add to you collection, I can point you in the right direction AND give you a discount. Schedule a consultation for a workout schedule now. This service alone is $45, but combined with virtual training is only $25.



Thank you so much for the great training a few days ago!

It was my first live T-Tapp training and I am extremely pleased with it. Being far away from any trainer restricts me from attending classes and meeting trainers in personally but it is not so for the Skype sessions! When I saw you were offering such possibility I wanted to took all of your time for me only:) I have been doing T-Tapp for more than a year now (started with the book and then moved to the DVDs) but only after the training with you I realized what muscle activation I have to strive for. I decided to go for 2 short Skype sessions instead of a long one because I knew it would be very hard for me to keep the form for an entire one hour. I chose More and BWO as they have been on my program for the last several months. Yet you showed me how to get the maximum from those shortworkouts and let me feel my every single muscle. I am trying to incorporate those tips in my routine. It was amazing that you could catch every time when I released my tuck or let my core collapse! I suspected that my form was not correct but I was not sure what exactly was lacking. Now I know! As well as I know that I'll come back to you in very near future. Thank you once more, I've heart before only, but I know now for sure – you are the best!

Gergana – Bulgaria

Isn't Michelle great?!! I have Skyped with her and she's a killer. I think she has such a gift that everyone should have a class with her! It's amazing what you learn from Michelle!
Love you babes! <3

Tara – Greece

I DID it!!! Why oh why, didn't I do this before?!?! It was awesome, to say the least!! Michelle is so cool and informative and she explains things so well and she saw every time I let my ribs drop or let my stomach out…….it was amazing. Thank you so much to my ANGEL again!!! You don't realise how much this ment to me!!!!!

I found my lats, and they are already sore…….I mean, I was sweating, let me say that again, I was sweating during PBS…..And my legs were on fire, my abs were activated and I learned a new way to tuck my butt and and and……I learned so much!!!

Balance I finally have under control and I know where I'm suppose to be fealing the sequence, and HDs I got so much better at. I can't believe all that I learned!

Michelle, thanks you so much for being such a GREAT instructer and encourager! Big {{{{HUGS}}}} and *muah*


Have just completed it. That was a fantastic experience and if you cannot attend Michelle's class you should go for the webcam training! I was stupid to not having done that before!

I feel every single muscle in my body and not only I know where I was not doing right but the best thing is that body now remembers. We did BWO+ and also Balance, TTN and LM. I used to
underestimate MORE, especially the instructional but now I really want to do just MORE for a while to fully appreciate the slower pace that would allow me to concentrate more on the muscle activation keeping everything Michelle has highlighted for me.

Do not have enough words to express my feelings. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Thank you SO much, Michelle ♥♥♥ Lots of love and hugs to you, me dearest
Tamara – Tbilisi Georgia


Michelle is great! Should have done this right from the beginning as I think I have picked up lots of bad habits. Hopefully I will be on the right track now and can get this tuck curl, ribs up, no collapsing core under control. T-tapp is hard work, but it is fun.

Sharon R – Ohio

Oh my gosh, that was amazing. So much to work on, yet I feel completely encouraged. I know youhear this all the time, but you are an absolutely gifted instructor. Your language and word pictures are so eye-opening. And you are so accepting of the level people like me are at. I can't tell you what that feels like from this side!

I can not wait to do this again – looking forward to purchasing more time with you in the future.

Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

Tami R


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