If anyone needs help getting started with prioritizing their health and well being I highly recommend Michelle's 28-day program. She is very knowledgable and has a great program to help one gain a firm baseline on taking control of one's health. ~ Cherie N.





Michelle Flinchum Barbuto has a caring approach to guiding fitness choices that develop you to reach higher levels. She inspires you from within to seek for your best you as you make choices that permanently effect your wellbeing. I highly recommend her class. ~ Diana H.



annMarieWhat can I say about Michelle and her FitYOU in one word – profound. It was a rock climbing adventure that shocked and amazed me. The climb up was slow, steady and exciting, but in building a new me I would plummet into emotions I did not expect but I had a lifeline. Michelle and the other participants were my belayers. At times I swore Michelle was a mind reader as she wrote and asked questions just when I was thinking how do I get to my next layer. This process will continue with me as a new way to live and not just things that I learned that get filed away. I look forward to participating many more times in the years to come due to my positive experience. ~ Annmarie W., Mullica Hill, NJ

10325397_1501383966741771_6395806449528130068_nSince the very beginning of the 28-day FitYOU program I had the chance to re-estimate my health priorities, which I was neglecting. Michelle Barbuto helped me to build important everyday habits: to schedule with attention to my own time and well-being; to be persistent in workout; to eat healthier. She is very experienced professional trainer and very supportive, inspiring and encouraging person. For everyone like me, lost in diets and depressions for years, FitYOU program is the successful choice. Thank you. Michelle! ~ Boyka V.




Michelle's FitYOU class was an amazing opportunity and experience for me! The class helped me to make a plan and implement so many of the goals, I had been attempting on my own for the last several years. Michelle is an amazing inspiration and encouragement, and she is willing to give tough love when needed. The Facebook group created a wonderful atmosphere of support, and it helped me so much in persevering to reach my goals. I am finally at a place that I have wanted to be for a very long time! Thank you, Michelle! I can't recommend this class highly enough! ~ Mandy S.



Thank you so much for the tips, Michelle! I truly value your experience and your effective teaching style. Teresa should be really proud of all you've done in her name. ~ Kathy L. San Antonio TX