What is the difference between a personal training session, an online or in person class and a workshop with Michelle?

A Private Virtual Webcam Training session is:

Highly customized to focus on YOU

  • your form!
  • your questions!
  • your needs!
  • Personal attention, latest tweaks and tips for increased effectiveness.
  • Incorporates Advanced Muscle activation
  • Provides a full body workout

A semi-private session is:

  • Done with your friends, family or co-workers
  • Classes vary in size and last about an hour
  • Concentrate on any T-Tapp Workout or movement
  • Instruction is more detailed than a class
  • Provides a full body workout

Weekly classes are:

  • Helpful to maintain consistency and motivation
  • Keeps your form in check
  • Learn the latest techniques
  • Can be customized to meet specific group needs
  • Provides a Full-Body Workout
  • Fun!

T-Tapp Events:

  • Last several hours
  • Have multiple sessions based on specific T-Tapp workouts
  • The pace is slow and steady, with in-depth explanations to maximize form and muscle activation
  • Has extra tips to take your workout to the next level
  • Each movement is very detailed
  • Provides a FUll Body Workout

Online T-Tapp Classes 

Michelle is approved and certified by Teresa Tapp to instruct this type of class

Lasts 4 weeks to 3 months depending on the class
Daily motivational email to keep you moving in the right direction
Has an option for a personalized workout plan customized to meet your needs
Option for Vitual Webcam training

T-TappYOU is one option. Check it out here

Certifications with Teresa Tapp


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