T-Tapp Trainer Certification

Michelle is an approved T-Tapp Trainer Mentor, who has consistently presented highly certified new trainers and improved training abilities for those already certified for Teresa Tapp .

Michelle offers a proven effective Certification Prep Program for those interested in becoming a T-Tapp Trainer or for T-Tapp Trainers who want to further their T-Tapp knowledge, teaching style,workshop tools, etc. These programs can be completed at home without having to live near Michelle!

However, the first step is sending a resume and a letter of intent via email to lauren@t-tapp.com OR by mail to:

Better Body Basics by T-Tapp, Inc.
Attn: Lauren (Trainer Submissions)
1450 10th Street South, Unit B-4
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Once your resume and letter of why you wish to become a T-Tapp Trainer is received then we will get back to you with your next step.



Michelle, Esther and Kirsten

sharonratledge_smile Michelle is not only very knowledgeable about T-Tapp technique, she also knows how to communicate in a way that made the whole learning process understandable and enjoyable. Step by step, Michelle was always available to answer all of my questions. She also corrected my form through the viewing of DVDs I would send to her of myself performing the workouts. This was a very valuable asset for me personally as well as my clients with
whom I would be working. My form went to a whole new level, which took my body to a whole new level. The years haven’t stopped creeping along and I needed all of those extra corrections to take me to that level. Michelle is so easy to talk to and to work with. I feel like I gained a really good friend as well as a mentor in Michelle. We still stay in touch to help other women achieve the benefits of this amazing workout that works. I am very
excited that as T-Tappers, we have a special connection!!! After completing the T-Tapp certification, I have my very first client lose 17 inches in the first month! I have been working with many clients and their friends keep telling their friends and so on.

Michelle helped me to learn the T-Tapp technique with confidence to train my clients knowing that they are getting the best workout for their money. She gave me a lot of insight and information to help promote this as my business. Thank you Michelle for helping me build my business and better bodies as a T-Tapp Trainer.

Sharon Ratledge ~ North Carolina

Deb-Headshot-DIO“a wise and trusted counselor, guide, teacher, coach or loyal advisor”

Michelle truly fits this description and has been all these things to me as my T-Tapp mentor. I don’t know how I could have done as well at the 2007 certifications without her expertise and help.

Michelle helped me understand in detail each move in the T-Tapp Total and T-Tapp MORE workout. She critiqued my form through videos, answered my many questions, and guided me along with conference calls and e-mails. And sometimes some surprise homework assignments on a subject that was just what I needed to learn. Everything she does and presents to you has the sole purpose of making you the best T-Tapp trainer possible.

I have found Michelle to be very personable, caring, encouraging and down to earth. It has been a privilege to be under her guidance. I will not hesitate to call upon Michelle for future mentoring when I am ready to obtain additional T-Tapp certifications.

Thanks Michelle!

Deborah Etter ~ Middletown PA

JillBrightbill_headMichelle is a GREAT mentor!

While I was a Trainer in Training she was my mentor and she really prepared me for what to expect at certifications. She made sure I knew the “how’s and why’s” of all the moves which really helped me understand the reason behind Teresa’s philosophy. Not only did Michelle keep me on my toes
with quizzes, etc. she was a great motivator and very supportive when I started to get “cold feet!” ;-) I highly recommend Michelle and the Mentoring program if you are thinking about become a T-Tapp trainer! Michelle will definitely take you over the top!


Jill Brightbill ~ Harrisburg PA

I was fortunate to have Michelle as my T-Tapp Trainer Mentor. I connected with Michelle right away as we before our first “in person” meeting.

Michelle has always been available and encouraging. Her positive “Yes You Can attitude” is always uplifting. During my training Michelle easily inspired me to keep going and stay up beat even when life got in the way.

Michelle really helped me to always reach my personal best as a student and trainer.

Her knowledge base and enthusiastic commitment to see her trainers succeed is AWESOME!

Thanks Michelle, you’re the best!

Melanie Eisel – RN, T-Tapp Trainer

gretchenprobst_smileMichelle was my Trainer-in-Training mentor and I felt very prepared when it was my turn to certify. She answers any questions and is available when I needed her by phone or email. She helped with my form and personal learning of T-Tapp, but more importantly from the Trainer aspect, helped with how to convey that form to others. Meeting Michelle in real life was great—like meeting a friend, and WOWZA is she even hotter in person than all her Dave pictures! Michelle knows her stuff and is very gracious in passing along all her hard-earned knowledge to her TnTs.


Gretchen Probst ~Trainer in Missouri


IsabelPrudencio-TrainerHeadshot2009 (1)I first got to know Michelle via the T-Tapp forums and by e-mail. I appreciated her kind support and encouragement when I was considering becoming a T-Tapp trainer. We got to know each other at the T-Tapp retreat as well and I figured that one busy mom would easily relate to another and there was no question that I would sign up with her for mentoring.

I am so glad that Michelle was by my side even though the distance separated us. She was approachable, direct and I was never afraid to ask any “dumb” questions because I felt comfortable with Michelle. If it wasn’t for her help and guidance I would have given up. I would have succumbed to the negative talk in my head and the doubt I experienced several times.

Michelle’s expertise and knowledge helped me to improve my own form and teaching style and I am so thankful for her coaching. Thanks to her I’m a T-Tapp trainer!

Isabel Prudencio ~ Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

JenniferKlever  Becoming a T-Tapp trainer was a dream I held onto for over 10-years. My passion for T-Tapp and helping others became so strong in 2008 that I knew it was time.  After speaking with Michelle and having her answer all my questions, I felt an instant connection and knew she was the mentor
trainer for me.

Michelle’s personal T-Tapp passion is apparent in her teaching and training. She is not only incredible knowledgeable about T-Tapp, but has incredible compassion and understanding. Training to be a T-Tapp trainer was much more difficult that I perceived and when I had challenges, she was right there with me. Michelle went above and beyond and took the time with me until I got it right!

Today, my clients are having great success with T-Tapp because Michelle made me the trainer that I am today. I am forever grateful for her teaching skills and what she did for me!

Thank you~ T-Tapp Trainer Jen Kent

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